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Mister B Leather Wallet Harness

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This super sexy Mister B Leather Wallet Harness not only looks great but is also very handy and versatile to take your belongings with you when you want to go into town.

Made from the supplest leathers available, this Wallet Harness has two detachable pockets that you can snap on (or off) the harness. Since the gear heads of Mister B are perfectly aware that carrying stuff to a party in gear is always a problem: we ensured that the wallets can also be clipped straight onto a normal belt too…

  • Multiple possibilities in one product.
  • Phone (up to 14 cm)
  • One size fits (almost) all.
  • Clips onto the belt loops of your jeans.
  • Wallets can also be clipped onto your regular belt (max 5 cm width).
  • Available in all black, and also with wallets with a colored stripe (blue / yellow / red / white or grey).
  • Separate wallets also available.
  • Last but not least: we also made a biceps band for these wallets.
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